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Engine Temperature Control for 2x 1475 HP Experimental-A/C

For a excellent restored experimental aircraft with 2 x 1475 hp Engine SCE has a developed a unique digital Coolant Control System .

The to our information unmatched accuracy of temperature control down to + / - 0.5 C in flight was achieved through a special arrangement of the sensors in combination with a special software solution from SCE.

The "designed to fly" control hardware is from our high-tech partner www.stockflightsystems.com, one of the founders of CANaerospace .

Special thanks to Michael Stock for the detailed tips and for the professional workflow of the project!

Together with the customer we developed the system concept and set the parameters in several test flights.

To reduce the expensive Test-Flights SCE has implemented a telemetry system which allows to set the control parameters in real time in flight!


Furthermore, a maintenance software interface has been developed by SCE, which is used by the technical personell for preflight and logging operation.