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SCE Cirrus 05 -Flight Simulator with Motion-Platform

You will be inspired about this flight simulator. Compact design and freedom for movement provided through up to 3 motion axis.


Realistic visualization of instrumentation and external view.


Flight sounds are presented through a special developed sound system.


The patented combination of cockpit and motion platform allows a very realistic sensation of movements and with the original cockpit hardware completes the perfect flight simulation.


Controlling of motion - platform is realised with high quality

industrial components and standard PC's running on MS-Windows®


Individual setting of sensibility and reaction of the motion - platform is realized through different Flight-Model Datasets.


Open standardized software interfaces exist e.g. for X-Plane®, the Microsoft® flight simulator series and the SFS 4/5 gliding software from Uwe Milde and Detlev Schwetzler.


Further flight - software interfaces upon request.


Field of Application:


Pilot Selection
Youth-Work for Soaring / motor flight
Flight - Schools
Company - Events
Eye Catcher for exhibition booths




A special impression provides with our 3-channel viewing system: 120° angle of viewing permit substantially realistic flight feeling for VFR.