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About us

SCE System Engineering GmbH:


Berchtesgadenerstr. 11
5020 Salzburg AUSTRIA


+43 664 51 55 126


+43 662 82 76 74



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Who we are:

The history of the SCE SystemEngineering GmbH begins with the foundation in the year 2004 by the Ing. Martin Scharfetter. The company itself is located on the southern areas of the city of Salzburg.


Scharfetter Martin has long-term experience in planning and realisation of projects in the area of flight simulation as well as other applications 3D space. Project-management according to IMPA - Standard provides a perfect tool-set for "living" communication of the project-team and the customer.


Another core competence of SCE is the network of reliable partners which complement other core competences - at the same level of SCE. In other words: Only do the things you like to do, because in these areas you're good in!


SCE as Integrator


To our customers we provide "compete solutions":


Simulation Systems (Flight simulation as well as simulation in 3D-Space)
Busystems for industrial Automation
Network programming



Our Maxim: As simple as possible!

To implement complex tasks as simple as possible, this see we as THE big challenge. Especially in today's high-tech time and the enormous variety of offered possibilities on the markets the finding of the effective solution has become a separate science.


To guarantee best solutions of complex requirements continued training, watching the markets and timely recognition of trends is our one important basis for long-term success. The other column for a long-term success is transfer of knowledge and lively communication within the project-team and the customers.