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Our Partners

Stock Flight Systems , Berg/Farchach, Germany


Stock Flight Systems is working since 1993 as an aerospace industry support company in the area of development, manufacturing and integration of flight data acquisition, recording and inflight test and control systems for aerospace applications as well as partner in international aeronautical research programs.



Flugring, Salzburg, Austria



Flugring is not only using SCE Cirrus 05 for pilot-training, they also support SCE organising Events with the Flightsimulator.



robomat GmbH , Freilassing, Germany


Cooperation in automation technology and construction. robomat has specialized in new and innovative solutions around automated feeding or packaging systems in combination with image recognition.


One of the key-qualities of Robomat are the simple, task-oriented solutions in the mechanical field.



Werkschulheim Felbertal, Salzburg, Austria



Since 2006, Martin Scharfetter is teaching in the field of mechatronics in the theoretical part as well as in the workshop / laboratory of the school. 


The private school supports SCE in the production of milling parts which are also used our flight simulators.

One of the principles of this school is to teach "heart, brain and the hand". And to use pratical work within complex systems is an additional opportunity for our students.

Also, it's exciting for our students not to do always the "normal" exercises. 


A great success for the students and the teachers of the WSH was the successful participation in the professional competition for young professionals in the field of mechatronics, organised by the chamber of commerce of austria (WKO).



Dr. G. Schuhfried Ges.m.b.H, Austria


Cooperation in the development and marketing of products for the aviation psychology.

We make contemporary psychology. Run psychological diagnosis, therapy and training using modern scientific and PC! Manny things have been become possible only by the use of the computer. Expand your field of application. For over 40 years, global companies, clinics, and institutions rely on us and on our quality of competence.